Rotary Club of Saco Bay Sunset Minutes
August 27 , 2020
There was a membership challenged that was presented from Tina. The first person that gets someone into Rotary will get a $50 card for doing that. The $$ will come from Tina personally.
Foundation fund donation
Tina asked that everyone donate to the Foundation. Dennis shared that the money could be donated to any area/foundation that you want to if you wish.
The speaker of the night was Lori Gramlich. Everyone introduced themselves and shared experiences about the Club.
Background/Discussion about Lori:
  • From away-from Rochester, MY (1986 game to ME)
  • Happy to call ME her home
  • Oldest of four children-was raised my Mom
  • Lived on food stamps when she was young
  • She shared that she felt that she was going to make a difference as an adult thus she went to school went to school as a social worker!
  • She was proud to do advocacy for the citizens of ME-strong advocate for children
  • When COVID-17 hit she called Superintendent John Suttie.55% of OOB folks are over 55. She wanted to make sure that children and all that need it were able to be feed.
  • After being elected the speaker of the house asks what committee one wanted to be on. Lori choose the appropriation and environment protection committee. She was able to get on the environmental ….committee.
  • She shared that she was excited to be on that committee….there was a task force that looked at farmers and an issue that they had.
  • She teachers at USM. She put bills in about behavioral health. She learned that here were 80 kids that could not get services because the services where not getting money enough. Students would get sent to residential services in states far from ME. “Bring the Kids Back Home” was an initiative that Lori started.
  • She was involved in the Portland Oral Health program. Funding for the program got cut. Lori put in a few pieces of legislation to support that children received oral health. (passed)
  • She also put a bill in for Round UP near school and areas where children were. (in limbo)
  • Another bill related to a person who have home care that were in hospice and how the medication that they have is disposed. This non-disposal issue was in part how a child died.
  • Lori talked about revenue to OOB and taxes.
  • Many more points discussed!
Great meeting!
Next meeting location TBD. Date: September 10.
Next guest speaker:
Shari MacDonald - October 8th
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