The Rotary Club of
Saco Bay Sunset
September 10, 2020
Rotary meeting
Present: Holly Sargent, Bob LePauloue Leo Menard, Tina Wilson, Chase Walker, Jason Webber (speaker)
Pledge:  Bob
4 Way Test: Dennis
Thankful moments
Tina-Leo and Tina talked about seeing grandchildren.
Dennis- Got $114 and change (redemption) also CLYNK ($1400 all count)
Sell lollipops
Leo suggested to get them out early before September 24th
Holly – create visibility if we can see them
Not everyone knows about the work related to polio
Bob was the big seller last year – school guidelines have changed this year. No one can take masks off to take mask off. Need to be outside to take mask off. Times have changed.
Posters: Sharri made posters but they might have had a date on them. Chase shared that the dates of October 1 -24 is there but no year.
Bob talked about the Super Market Sweep fundraiser. You reach out to groups/businesses to see if we could get in their store shortly after they close. You then go to other businesses to ask if they would donate money for food. People are able to go into a store and buy food in the “basket” for thanksgiving. When the people cash out the money that a business donates goes to the cart expenditures/purchases. If the purchase amount is over then rotary can pay the extra. This event can be posted on Facebook Live. Food can be donated to food banks. Bob will look into this shortly.
Holly Sargent
The district and several other districts have presented with free masks (about 3000). They could be given to the police, school fire department…food pantry. No branding is on them. Holly will learn more after a meeting tonight. They should be available after October.
Guest Speaker:
Jason Webber (REC/OOB Ballpark)
The Rec Department was given the opportunity to take over the Ballpark. Sharri and Tom LaChance shared about cutting down a tree many volunteers did so much work aside from that. The volunteers brought the park to a respectable level. There was then a Commission. They have done great work. Now Rec will take their vison and continue the work. Rec has many people that can do some of the work. The manpower and resources are available through the Rec department. The Rec Department is very excited about this work. They want to change so it is community. Tax payers do not use the ballpark very much if not at all. Community recreational complex at the ballpark…and should be utilized by all community members. They took the trail and thought about a story board walk trail. The Rec is trying to open it up. The next focus is to connect the trail to an eastern trail that cones to School Street. What can we do differently? The Rec department can be at the ball park.  The conference can be used by everyone. There is not a stage under the stadium. Red hatters, 50+ program, Youth Restorative program, Boy Scouts… etc. meet there. Maybe smaller concerts can be there as well.
Hoping to winterize the building. There is a hockey rink in one of the concession stands. They are going to look at it to see if they can create ice, then the stand’s back door can be open and hot chocolate can be available.
Community gardener-this person has some six feet tall. This is dealt through the town clerk’s office. They are their own entity.
Justin wants to hear form the community. What do community members want to do with the ballpark?
Looking for next year and what can be done. All ideas are added to a board at the ballpark. They are gathering information from everyone.
A plan had been developed with ideas from many people but now the plan is on the shelf.
They just did “fairy houses” …the guy that does birdhouses and hid them around the park. Jason build a fairy house for the park. They want to make a “natural playground” like pumpkin land etc. Getting outside and having more together with family is a strong focus.
Cross country skiing can be done at the ballpark but Jason needs a groomer. They are partnering with other Rec departments with a ‘share” department. We can call each other and borrow for example Wells has now shoes and we can borrow them and use for the weekend.
Bob thanked Jason for all of the dedicated work that Jason and his crew has done during the past and especially this past few months.
Leo mentioned that Jason might want to look into the old bicycle shop in Biddeford.
Tina closed the meeting with some wonderful "Words of Wisdom."
Respectfully submitted,
Carol Marcotte
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