Speaker Date Topic
Frederick Ndabaramaye Apr 23, 2024
Rwanda - Victem of violence / prothesis
Corinne Tomkins May 14, 2024
Food Fork - Food Business Incubator

Food Fork is a non-profit organization supporting the creation and growth of food businesses.  The organization has stainless steel tables and equipment for micro businesses, shared equipped spaces for medium size businesses and large spaces for bigger businesses.  ForkFood has a blast freezer, a packaging area, a learning "restaurant", a space for catering a group, and a store to try selling products.

The organization also educates food business prospects about licensing and compliance.  FoodFork is partially funded by private and federal grants.  They support learners from people with disabilities to experienced chefs who want to go our on their own.

The organization fits well with the DHHS initiative to support people with disabilities who want to be self employed