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EarlyAct, Interact AND Rotaract Begin Conversations Internationally
Carol Marcotte, a University of New England Rotaract Club Co-Advisor initiated an international writing project with three student clubs. Carol reached out to Tom Burnett, Advisor, of Player Development - Early Act Club in St. Marteen/Caribbean to ask if the Club would be interested in partnering in a writing project. The same invitation was presented to Stephanie Mousatous, Advisor for the Old Orchard Beach High School (OOBHS) Interact Club. The University of New England (UNE) Club President, Emily Birdsall, was invited too. The EarlyAct Club is sponsored by the Rotary Club of St. Marteen Middle Isle. The OOBHS Interact Club is sponsored by Saco Bay Rotary Club. UNE Rotaract is sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Biddeford Saco and Saco Bay.  Carol is President Elect for Rotary Club of Saco Bay Sunset.
During the last few months students from all three clubs have been corresponding together. The EarlyAct Club members started the process. The contents of their letter writing was about themselves and their interests. They discussed their train project. Next the UNE Rotaract Club wrote back to the EarlyAct members. The UNE Rotaract response brought a huge delight to the Caribbean members. OOBHS Interact obtained letters from the EarlyAct Club and have responded.  The process of writing continues as OOBHS Interact have become pals with the UNE Rotaract Club and they will be writing letters back soon. The writing project is ongoing, and all members are hoping to reconnect in the fall and come up with a mini service project.
The Rising Stars Group of Rotary Club Saco Bay Sunset has created an educational website about sex human trafficking. Sex human trafficking is prevalent in Maine.  Visit https://risingstarsproject.squarespace.com/ to learn more about victims and their stories. The website includes information about who is trafficked and the signs of human trafficking.  Resources and supports for those who are trafficked are shared. Donate, learn more or become active in preventing this horrible crime. Join us in this fight.
In 2018, 51% of human trafficking cases in the U.S. were sex trafficking cases involving children. Average age of sex trafficking is 12 -1 14 . 89% of those are sexually abused first.
Thu, Apr 22, 2021

BIDDEFORD — They say many hands make light work. This was certainly true Wednesday night, when members of the Saco Bay Sunset Rotary Club gathered to unload a donation of 430 mobility aids that will later be shipped to a developing country.

The trailer load of crutches, walkers, canes and other devices was driven up from Cape Cod that evening by Rotarian Dennis Robillard. The items were collected by Rotary clubs in Massachusetts.

The mobility aids were unpacked, sorted out and put away for temporary storage in a donated warehouse space in Biddeford. They will be part of the next local shipment that will be sent oversees through Crutches 4 Africa.

Crutches 4 Africa is a non-profit organization formed in 2006 by David Talbot. While in Uganda in 2005, Talbot saw polio survivors, disabled from the disease and shunned by their community. Talbot, a survivor of polio, discovered that back home in the United States, there were many lightly used crutches, canes, and other mobility aids in attics and garages. Often, after someone recovers from an injury, the mobility aid they needed while injured will be packed away and not used again.

These items that are collecting dust in attics and garages or clogging up landfills can change the life of a disabled person in a developing country. With a walker or a pair of crutches, they can become a productive member of their community.

Robillard, who spearheads local collection efforts for Crutches 4 Africa, estimates that over the past decade, local he and other area Rotarians have collected about 30,000 mobility aids that have been sent overseas.

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